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Other Services

Content & Document Management

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) can be difficult, and working in a CMS is a challenge if you’re not a web professional. A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that allows every day computer users to manage webpage and other web based content. CMS enables website administrators to perform basic web authoring tasks such as formatting text, creating hyperlinks, and inserting images on web pages etc can be manageable very easily.

The Plus points of using CMS are as under:
  • One can add and manage content, stories, knowledge, pictures and videos anytime without the help of programmer or technical person.
  • One can add or remove pages as per requirement.
  • Multi-user, multi-role support
  • Full-text local search
  • Content/design separation
  • Friendly URLs
  • Image Galleries
  • And many more
  • File, image and document management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) support
  • Customizable workflow and version control
  • Flexible, dynamically generated navigation
  • Variety of navigation menu types

We can deliver your site quickly and efficiently using any one of the above Content Management Systems. You will have full featured site that you can manage easily within no time! Just give us a call at 91 98250 68361 or request for a free quote.

3D Visualization

Architecture is about construction design characterized by design attributes that contribute to the projects awareness and significance.In the construction industry, the Visualization aspect has thus far mainly focused on the finished product (3D CAD) or on the product as it develops through construction. 3D CAD systems are used extensively in the design phases of many projects.

At IMPEX SOLUTION we provide high quality 3d architectural rendering and architectural modeling rendering services. Commitment to Quality and Execution has given us the opportunity to continue to serve the needs of an international market.


Flash Presentation

In Today’s World People prefer the technology which gives the information faster and easily. The animations have brought that change in today’s era. Here we can provide you full organized level of presentations, which will describe your work and products in the best form.

Impex Solutions strives to create professional flash presentation that will effectively promote your client’s products and services to your target audience. Our stunning and professional flash presentations will help you to accomplish the website goals you have created!

In order to attract the viewers, Flash presentations usually use animations and sound because the sound and movement increases more awareness. Flash is far more efficient for spreading information than static presentations.

The Features we provide are as follows:
  • High quality animated FLASH intros with sound effects.
  • FLASH based website designs, optimized for the web with fast load-time.
  • Content/design separation
  • Friendly URLs
  • Good looking FLASH based slideshows.
  • Also we provide FLASH CD presentation combining music, voice-overs, video clips and interactive picture galleries
Domain Name Registration

A Domain Name Registration is the Name that identifies your Website. In reality the name you choose for your site points Web surfers to the IP Address of the computer, which is storing and serving up your Web Site. It’s normally easiest to have your web hosting company register your domain when you set up hosting.

Impex Solutions provides Domain Name Registration Service for individuals, Small Business, corporate and global resellers that can be used for building corporate Web presence. Our Domain Registration control panel offers more functionality than any other domain service provider.

At Impex Solutions we provide Domain Name Registration (Web Address) of your own name like Impexsolutions has Domain Name Domain name registration is done for a minimum period of one year and maximum for ten years.

At Impex Solutions, we provide multiple Domain Name Registration of .com/ .net/ .org/ .biz/ .info/ .us/ .name/ .in/ etc. Domain Name provides, your own online identity.

Malware Removal

We love destroying malware, and we’ve been at it for a while!

We focus on security so you can focus on your business.

What does our Process consist of?

Our process has been refined over the past few years. It’s very effective, but continues to evolve. The process is both manual and automated. The automated elements are quite restricted. Every cleanup is handled by a malware analyst whose responsibility it is to look through the results, identify anomalies and clean manually as required.Each site’s issues are unique. Complete our quick quote form to get started.

For removal of Malware form website call us at 91-98250 68361 or email to speak to a security expert.

Why you should choose us?

Impex solutions will help you to detect all of the following types of infections:

  • Cross Site Scripting
  • PHP Mailers
  • Obfuscated Java Script injections
  • Website Defacement
  • Hidden and Malicious iFrames
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Back doors or C99, R57, Web shells
  • Anomalies
  • Embedded Trojans
  • IP Cloaking

If you believe that your website is infected with malware, please call Impex Solution Malware Experts. We can remove a majority or all malware from a company’s website within one or two business days. This cannot only protect your clients, but save your company, as well. Please call us at (91-98250 68361) to learn more about our services.

On-Demand Expert Services

These services are ideal for businesses or individuals who need help preserving the security of their websites, but don’t have the specific expertise.

Each site’s issues are unique. Complete our quick quote form to get started.


Remove malware from website, Malware Removal Or call 91 98250 68361 or email to speak to a security expert

Each of the marketing techniques generates traffic to your website and allows you to compete more effectively. E-mail marketing, which includes e-mails and online newsletters, is a form of permission-based, relationship marketing. We help you build cost-effective e-mail campaigns that extend your brand while establishing lasting relationships with customers

Business Development

Are you looking to expand your business inside India?

We are a private limited company registered in year 2006. We have team strength of more than 50 qualified and experienced professionals.For clients looking to enter Indian market or expand here, all the opportunities, obstacles and other regional factors must be evaluated practically.

Evaluating the market potential, identifying right supplier & partner, establishing production and development facilities, recruiting right person to manage the key responsibilities, etc is a challenging task. Collecting authentic information and analyzing/ validating the same, requires field work. This is both time consuming and requires dedicated efforts.

Impex solutions lead in web hosting, website Designing, mobile application development, custom software application development, E-commerce solutions, domain name registration and web development company in India, on various software selling platforms. We also extend solutions towards Search Engine and Social Media Marketing. We have been considered as one of the best software and website development companies in India, helping businesses gain competitive advantage from cost-efficient and effective web solutions.

We can turn your business around to reach new levels of profiltability. We can help you open your office or establish your brand identity in India. To discuss more opportunities please email us at

Customized web design
What is custom web design?

Custom web design is the final answer to your hunt for a website which represents you and your business virtually. Your most popular choice of color combos, multitude of links, photos and videos, are going to be used as directed in custom web design.

Your company ought to be distinctive each in reality and in look particularly in an industry where differentiation is hardly noticeable. Your special qualities and distinctive offers mean that you simply ought to represent yourself online to your customers in complete unique way, giving you the sting. You’ll be able to definitely do that with the use of custom web design.

Your web site is your company’s window to the internet world. Your prospects’ initial online impression of your business is basically keen about how your web site projects your image. Through skilled custom web design, let your web site produce a compelling presence of your distinctive identity.

Customized web design for your business

If you want to obtain an astonishing virtual image for your product or service, we will find a distinct novel design solution to implement the project. To help make up your mind, we’ve listed below the advantages of getting a customized web site.

  • Ranking gets higher in search engines.
  • Its good both for online marketing.
  • You get continual assistance from professionals.
  • It manifests high quality, sophistication and uniqueness.
  • It suits the personality and branding of your business.

Selecting a custom web site offers many perks and benefits for any business owner seeking to make a web presence. Impex Solutions will skillfully tailor your web site for your distinctive business wants. With our specialized services, you’ll be able to ensure that your web site can look specifically the way you have envisioned it.

Web Maintenance

Change is inevitable ,Web maintenance makes sure that it remains updated and it has become a necessity this days since even if the servers are good offering 99% uptime, still it’s important to check the forms and mail links at least once to be double sure that the enquiries are being forwarded from the website perfectly. Out-sourcing support and maintenance to an off-shore provider reduces costs and allows the mainline team to focus on strategic direction.

Dynamism in Site Building

Impex Solutions provides website maintenance packages for different clients who belong to diverse domains and industries. The value of a practice website is the ability to maintain current information online at a reasonable cost. We deliver impeccable services and are committed to the latest technology for better returns for your site.

People say creating a website thing is not that of an uphill task but it takes some effort to sustain and maintain a smooth, hassle free website which is up to date and can enhance business profits

Our views on Maintenance!!!

Other than regular website maintenance, we work on enhancing existing features, addition of content, bug fixing and deliver constant technical support. A website must have fresh, current and accurate content. If a website can provide updated contents then people or visitors return to the website often to meet their content need and this generates the traffic and profit subsequently.

The maintenance process includes the following stages:
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Architecture reconstruction
  • Readiness (including internal pilot)
  • Process propagation
  • Work execution
  • Verification and validation
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Review and continuous improvement
Here are some of the web maintenance services that we provide:
  • Verification and validation
  • Update Meta Tags.
  • Bug Fixing & troubleshooting.
  • Backup Services.
  • Site performance optimization.
  • Catalog Management for ecommerce sites.
  • Inventory Management for shopping portals.
  • Payment Gateway Integration Maintenance.
Website Redesigning

Website Redesign can assist you to improve your traffic, ranking and sales? Whether you want to enhance your on-line image or boost your web site traffic, leads and sales we are able to facilitate. Impex Solutions can approach your project from a promoting perspective, taking into thought all of your goals for your company.

It is vital decision when choosing a website redesign company that your visions, goals, customers and users are distinctly identified and intended. We will help you focus so that your message will be speaking clearly and directly to your target customers.

Website Redesign for Promoting Business

If you’re already promoting your business and driving traffic to your website, however your viewers don’t turn into customers, our website redesign company will facilitate. A professional website redesign that’s custom-made and specific may be all you need to boost your conversion rate. In fact, many clients see dramatic boost in their conversion rates and sales once a website makeover. Here are some reasons why a professional redesign will boost sales.

An amateur, unskilled or outdated website lacks credibility – this very often turns away potential customers.

Many websites do not have a clear content strategy or compelling selling message. The purpose of a web site design is to uphold and market your message, not to simply put image.

When you choose to work with Impex Solutions on your site’s redesign project, we will ensure that you get a website that is effective and that will support you in achieving your online business marketing goals.

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